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“Hangin Out - Tarzan Maryjane” - Ray McNally
“Best Part Of My Life” - Ray McNally Using PC Drummer  - Studio Kit
“You Know Yourself” - Ray McNally Using PC Drummer for drums.
“It’s What We Got” - Ray McNally
“Don’t Look Away” - Ray McNally  Using the Studio Kit
Songs produced by Ray McNally, Canadian Songwriter Composer, Performer using PC Drummer
Hear music samples produced using PC Drummer. Kenneth Jones wrote: Thanks again Paul! Thought I'd send a few examples of some songs I did using your software. I play a progressive style and use a lot of odd time signatures. PC Drummer has been pretty much the only software I can get the time signs to run smoothly together without having to record all these patches separate and sync them together in my recording software, Anyway, here's a few songs: •This song I recorded in a studio so it has pretty decent sound quality. A little heavy though: Match_DZL_16_44.mp3 •This one is much mellower. Recorded in my home studio so the sound isn't quite as good: Broken_Spirit.mp3 •Another heavy one, but a good example of the odd time signatures. Also recorded in my home studio and is a little loud. So maybe turn your sound down a tad: Hmm.mp3 Enjoy! Sincerely, K.C. Jones website: https://kcjonez.com
“Hummingbird” - Ray McNally  Using the Jazz Kit
“Unicorn” - Ray McNally  Using the Studio Kit
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